Once Upon a Time in One Church

This story begins with my return to the church where I was baptized, after 10 years of my wandering, on June 3, 2019 (the first day of Idul Fitri 2019)

That day, one of my spiritual mothers died because of cervical cancer and I came to the church to see her dead body before she was buried in Petamburan funeral

For 4 daya I came to the Consolation Service on the third day, I wanted to take a sleep besides the coffin, but one of the church workers banned me and finally I took a sleep with the students of Sangkakala Theology Institute who lived in the church

Four months later (October 2019) I came into All Night Prayer in the church on Friday night and Adult Service on Saturday night

Several days later after I really came back to the church, I had just known that the church worker who banned me to take a sleep besides the coffin that time is DB alias D

At first there wasn’t any feeling to DB alias D, but as time went by, I began to realize that DB alias D was apparently the most beautiful girl among the church wprkers team who lived in the church and wanted to find out more info about DB alias D

From that time, I started to have the feeling of love in my heart to DB alias D, but I was reluctant to express my feelings to DB alias D, because I considered that I am nobody, even though I’m being the church member (baptized on December 19, 1993)

In the next articles, I will tell you about my feeling of love that was growing day by day to DB alias D

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