That Beautiful Girl from Gunungsitoli has Made Me Fall in Love Again

In the previous article (Once Upon a Time in One Church) I’ve told about my return to the church where I was baptized, after 10 years of my wandering, on June 3, 2019 (the first day of Idul Fitri 2019)

In that article I’ve also told about how I met Sweet Angel From Heaven (SAFH) at the the first time and four months later, I started to have the feeling of love in my heart to that beautiful girl whose initial is DB alias D

However, I was reluctant to express my feelings to DB alias D, because I considered that I am nobody, even though I’m being the church member (baptized on December 19, 1993)

I began to fall in love with her when I saw her prayed in the church at the first time (several days after I really came back to the church) and from that time, she always came into my dreams in the form of the sweet angel and made my love got growing in my heart to her

When this article was written, I always asked in my heart, “Will she be my last woman ?

I still hope Sweet Angel From Heaven (SAFH) will become my life partner and also the mother of my children someday, but one thing that is certain is that after 5 failed attempts at dating or not reaching the marriage stage, that beautiful girl from Gunungsitoli has made me fall in love again

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